To recapture identically a Discophiles Français 2 – records canvas album : a challenge !


To recreate with perfect authenticity a Discophiles Français 2-record canvas album identical to the original releases of the 1950s has been a challenge.
What was standard industrial work in the 1950s has now become the artistry of craftsmen. For example, the binding of the  albums and the iron stamping of gold lettering on canvas today requires a great deal of technical precision and know-how.

The text of the booklet has been offset printed on special satin paper, exactly as was done over 60 years ago. Even the fonts used for the texts and for the labels have been recreated to be absolutely identical to Les Discophiles Français releases of the 50s  ( knowing that there could be slight variations from one disc to another ) !

All of these factors – not to mention the artistic value of the performances on the actual disc – contribute to this record being perhaps the most luxurious one produced in the last 50 years.

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