About us

The French Record Company is a LP record publisher devoted to the issue of rare previously unreleased material on vinyl.

A state of facts :

For about 10 years now, the medias are constantly « rediscovering » the interest of a wide public for vinyl records…!

But however connoisseurs have never abandonned vinyl records since their supposed death in the late 1980’s ! They know vinyls never stopped fascinating both collectors or music lovers, committed to authenticity and sound quality.

Numerous LP ‘s have permanently been published for 25 years ; but in the filed of classical music, in 95% of cases, it was always about reissues again and again (  not to mention records issued from radio tapes, which are of variable qualitys, far from the studio tapes, and whose sleeves have a very ordinary design, inevitably spoiled by the big logo of the radio ..) ! Despite the fact these good publications have indeed provided the opportunity to a large public to listen to rare expensive records ( to a large extent audiophile stereo LP’s ) difficult to access, we  have always thought, in a certain way, it was an easy way out.

So we decided to devote ourselves to the original issue of unpublished audio material, in order to recreate this golden area of vinyl records edition.

Our work combine musical knowledge, researches on important historical performers ( some of them we had been honored and lucky to meet, such as Annlies Schmidt de neveu, Devy Erlih, Michèle Auclair, Agnelle Bundervoet, Jean – Michel Damase, France Clidat… ) and extreme quality demand.

Our policy, our artistic approach have four rules :


To publish only previously unreleased /unknown material, so that each of our record is a first original issue, at least on vinyl format.


To use only original material, which means original masterpates, which are the best possible sources.


To achieve a pure analog mastering, by direct cutting from the original mastertapes to lacquers. For this purpose, to use top end  – and vintage – audio equipment.


To consider only legendary performers having provided performances of the highest musical interest, and recordings of special rarity for collectors

Our goal is to publish outstanding timeless vinyl records like « Art Works », which will become references for future generations.


Michael Fremer – AnalogPlanet • dec. 2019.

Mark Ainley – The Piano Files • sept. 2019

Matej Isak – MonoandStereo • feb. 2020 :

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